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Join the group that will push you, motivate you, and most of all,


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Have fun, enjoy nature

and train like the athlete that's in all of us

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This Fitness Boot Camp is for adults (GUYS and GIRLS) wanting to get in shape, and for athletes wanting to train for their sport.
Our workouts are the best in Vegas, challenging, and DIFFERENT EVERY DAY.
All that is required is for you to grit your teeth and hang tough for 1 HR a day.
Here's a sample class:
(lower body day): Lunges and squats with the weight vests, power kicks on the punching bags, harness pulls, and hill work.

I don't care what your fitness level is. Athlete or couch potato, you can and will do these workouts with the rest of the group and I will push you like you have never been pushed before. Variations are offered for beginners until they can hang with the group. Our instructors don't care if you are overweight or older. We will carefully condition you in the beginning until your cardio and strength has increased enough to do all of the regular workouts." --Julie Johnston

Founder and President:

Julie Johnston

Julie Johnston


John Johnston


Brent Johnston

Priscilla Valerio

2018 Instructors:

Brent Johnston: Camp Rhino Northwest
Cory Drumright: Camp Rhino Classes
Debbie Corwin: Henderson 6-7 PM; 7-8 PM
Jathan Cox: Henderson, 5-6 AM; 6-7 AM
Jodi Sabal: SW Monday-Tuesday 4:45am-5:45am Wednesday-Friday 4:45am-5:30am
John Johnston: Camp Rhino Northwest
Darryl Ray: Southwest Arby and El Capitan 9:30am
Richene Plummer: Centennial Hills 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM classes.
Will Swope: William Swope is currently serving in the military, but we hope to have him back when he returns! Thank you for your service Will!

What People Are Saying:

You will walk away with an unfathomable sense of accomplishment

-Chandler Chao

I am excited again about exercise and feeling better then ever!

-Sassy Steph

i love boot camp i love boot camp!

-Eryn K

I loved it so much that I now train other boot campers

-Crazy Krissy

I’ve finally found an exercise routine that I look forward to, that I’m sticking to, and that I’m totally addicted to

-Tammy Stevens

You will quickly find that just the mere act of participating makes you stronger physically


Thank you for everything you do and pushing me to beyond my known limits…YOU ARE AWESOME


Never in my life have I found the kind of support and encouragement that I find in everyone I’ve had class with

-Kim Klausner

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