6 Week Weight Loss Challenge

The next challenge begins March 5th for Camp Rhino AND Boot Camp Las Vegas (You may follow the weight-loss, lifestyle, OR performance version of the personalized nutrition plan)  :)
Lisa attended the Rhino Outdoor Boot Camp class at Mission Hills Park
If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s how to help you lose weight. My entire company was built off of my personal desire to lose weight and in turn help others do the same. It’s so hard on me to watch my members yo-yo diet and start working out and then quit. If I personally led you through a 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge, would you commit to it? If I taught you how to eat right, built you a personal nutrition and fitness schedule, and held you accountable with weekly meetings, would that be the spark that would ignite the fire within you? I believe it would. I believe in you.
I need to give you a reason to commit. So, I’m going to charge you $300 for this 6 week program. However, if you come your workout classes, meet with me every week, and follow the customized nutrition program without cheating, you get the entire program for FREE (I give you back your $300).

The 6 Week Rhino Weight-Loss Challenge includes:
1) The Introduction Workshop 
  •     You receive your customized nutrition program
  •     You receive your Food and Fitness Journal
  •     You complete your initial Weigh-In
2) Weekly accountability (you meet with me every week to turn in your Food and Fitness Journal)
3) Full access to 177 classes per week all over town (CrossFit, Indoor/Outdoor BootCamp, and Obstacle Classes), including beginner classes
4) Your final weigh-in and celebration
The Rhino Weight-Loss Challenge is all about clear, healthy goals, and starting your weight-loss journey with a like-minded group of people. You will lose weight as a beautiful side-effect of pledging to uphold the nutrition program and attend your workout classes. You will finally break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and inconsistent exercising. You will make the best investment of your life, and will start a new chapter in your life. And I will be with you every step of the way. Don’t wait, sign up today. There are only 40 spots available in the first 6-week program, as I want to give everyone the attention they need.
You may attend the Introduction Workshop at Camp Rhino on Warm Springs and Eastern on one of the following dates:

The Next Introduction Workshop:

    • Sunday, March 5th Noon-2pm

at Camp Rhino on Warm Springs and Eastern

*Do not be late. No late entries will be allowed into the Introduction, as every minute is important to your success. If you miss your introduction, you may attend another one, either with this session or the next. The introduction is required to do the challenge.
Join the Facebook Event Page for the Challenge HERE (you will be accepted once you register for the challenge)
Here are my own before-and afters from doing the challenge! In Nov of 2015 I weighed 148.5. At the end of the challenge, I weighed 133. – Julie Johnston
PicMonkey CollageNote: If you’re brand new, we welcome you to do the challenge one time without a membership. Members may re-do the challenge over and over.
Las Vegas Boot Camp in Action