Become An Instructor

We receive hundreds of applications a year, but few are willing to go through the process necessary to become a Boot Camp Las Vegas Instructor.

Just being a Personal Trainer does not qualify a person to be a Boot Camp Las Vegas instructor. All Boot Camp Las Vegas instructors must first earn their dog tags at boot camp themselves, completing 64 days of boot camp training. (Most applicants don’t make it through the boot camp. It is one thing to tell other people what to do, and a whole other matter to push through it themselves. How many times have you wanted to tell a trainer or coach, “hey, i would like to see you do this!” We must test our potential instructors to see if they have the heart and determination that we want to see in you.)

Our trainers still must be certified by a nationally accepted Personal Training Certification. However, the most important training they receive is at the Boot Camp Las Vegas instructor meetings, where new workouts are hatched, the newest breakthroughs in exercise science are discussed, and the quality of all 75 of the weekly Boot Camp Las Vegas classes are preserved. The success of Boot Camp Las Vegas is owed to the incredible trainers we employ. They give their heart and soul to every class, doing the entire workout with you and inspiring boot-campers to new levels of achievement.

Las Vegas Boot Camp in Action