Rocket (Evan Dollard) from American Gladiators, currently representing Quest Nutrition Bars, and John Johnston of Camp Rhino speed through part of the Camp Rhino Obstacle Course in Las Vegas, NV. This course is ever-changing and course designer Jathan Cox aims to make the course impossible. Every time someone is able to complete it, he will add something harder. The Camp Rhino training facility also offers beginner classes and is able to cater to every level. This video shows an easier (but fun!) part of the course-look for videos of them demonstrating technique on some of Camp Rhino’s extreme obstacles.

Rocket from American Gladiators (representing Quest Nutrition) and John Johnston of Camp Rhino demonstrate how to get up Vertical Limit at Camp Rhino, the Ultimate Training Facility in Las Vegas, NV.

Jathan showing off the Salmon Ladder he’s in the middle of building at Camp Rhino

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