Frequently Asked Questions

How did Boot Camp Start?

Click here to read about how boot camp began.

What happens if I miss a class?

If that class is excused anytime before it starts, you receive a credit added to the end of your session! (we have a an automated monthly subscription option that is a lower rate for unlimited classes per month, as well)

What is the cost?

All memberships are monthly, and the cost breaks down to only $6.00 to $12.50 per day (Depending on how many days chosen per week).

We provide all of the equipment including obstacle courses/resistance bands/punching bags/agility courses/weights, etc. Not to mention:

  • Body Fat Testing
  • Measurements
  • Weigh-Ins
  • Nutrition Packet
  • Priceless encouragement and motivation

We only have 25 spots available for the Summerlin, Southwest, Henderson, and Northwest Boot Camps, and the spots are filling rapidly. Please register soon if you would like to get in!

I am in pretty good shape, but I would like to challenge myself to get in even better shape. Will the Boot Camp be able to do that for me?

Whatever your current exercise regime, the Boot Camp workouts will be different from anything you have done before and will work muscles that you didn’t know you had. From cardio to strength training to agility courses to resistance training, there is a challenge for everyone, everyday.

I have not worked out in 5 years, I use to take Jazzercise, will I be able to do this? I am so interested in this, I have a membership to LVAC, but I have only gone twice, due to intimidation. Please help?

The Boot Camp workouts are very hard. However, anyone willing to push themselves can successfully complete a session. (as long as you don’t have any pre-existing conditions inhibiting you from doing the exercises.) A doctor’s release is recommended. The first week, you will be very sore, but it will be a really good sore, where you feel your stomach, legs, and arms tightening and you start to see toned muscles everywhere. Half of the people in my Henderson class started the Boot Camp with no recent workout schedule. The second day is the hardest to get to, but after that, they became addicted to the feeling of getting/being in shape. Exercise releases those “happy endorphins” that leave you with an uplifted mood and self-esteem.

The bottom line is: You CAN do this. We will help you find the motivation you need, and you will be with a group of people that are also just starting to change their lives, one Boot Camp hour at a time.  Give yourself, and us, a chance.

Do you deal with kids that have anger problems? Can I bring my kid(s) with me?

We are actually a fitness boot camp for adults who want to get in shape…Participants must be over 18. However, we are starting an after school program for kids to help them get in shape and develop a love for exercise! Call us if you have questions about our kids program.

What are the demographics of the people who come to the Boot Camp?

Here are some facts about people who joined the boot camp and are successfully continuing. Gender, Age, and pre-bootcamp weight are listed:

Female Male Female Male Female Male
33 yrs 39 yrs 43 yrs 45 yrs 58 yrs 25 yrs
155 lbs 220 lbs 170 lbs 209 lbs 125 lbs 150 lbs
Female Male Female Male Female Male
23 yrs 32 yrs 32 yrs 44 yrs 53 yrs 39 yrs
143 lbs 172 lbs 220 lbs 220 lbs 230 lbs 135 lbs

Many of you would like to join, but are worried about not fitting in with the other members. As you can see by the above numbers, most ages and weights are represented. As long as you are in good health and do not have any physical limitations, you can successfully complete a boot camp if you are willing to work hard. The work-outs are designed in a way that will give you the best work-outs of your life whether you are already in shape or not!

When Can I join?

Members can now join anytime. Just put your start date on your registration form, and your session will last for 4 weeks after that date. Members can check the chart at the boot camp anytime to see their attendance records and their days left on the session. Due to the cost of processing new registrations, each new member must sign up and pay for a full four week session.

You can also register over the phone at 767-8797.

An instructor will call you before your first class starts to answer any questions you might have!

Do you have facilities where members can actually come and stay for days at a time?

Not yet! However, we are working to get some camp dates posted where out-of-towners can come for a week or two of boot camp with meals and lodging included. We will host the camp at a challenge course on the outside of town and hold daily activities for members.

What if my work schedule changes and I don’t know yet what days I can come?

Once you register, you can go to any class, any time. If you pay for 3 days per week, you can go to any 3 days per week, or change it up week to week. You can also go to any class and change the classes up day to day. If you can’t make it at lease 3 days per week, we have a 10-day hopper pass available now for $165 where a member can go to any boot camp, any time that does not expire.

If I sign up for 3 or 4 days a week, can I come any 3 or 4 days, or does it have to be the same ones every week?

You can come any days you want to each week.

What if I have to miss a day?

You can make up days you miss at any boot camp location during your 4-week session.

Once I sign up at a location, can I go to different locations?

All members can go to any class they want at any time to use up their days. Members may also upgrade in the middle of a session to come more days! Some classes have interesting field trips that you may want to be a part of, and all members are welcome!

Can I go to more than one class a day?

OH, YEAH!!! For those members who are truly boot camp tough, this option is available for no extra charge! Come to as many classes a day as you think you can handle!

Las Vegas Boot Camp in Action