How It All Started

How Boot Camp Las Vegas Began:

In 2004, I was 65 pounds heavier and a whole lot unhappier (you can read about my personal boot camp experience by clicking here.) I had tried everything to lose weight, from cardio kickboxing to running marathons, and nothing seemed to work. Instead of losing weight, I only gained.

I was so desperate to lose the pounds, that I considered joining the military, just so that I could be put through boot camp and get in shape with a drill instructor and a group of gung-ho people to sweat, grunt, and push with. I also just wanted to see if I could do it. However, joining the military just for weight-loss is just not the right reason to enlist.
I searched for a boot camp for civilians, willing to travel 100′s of miles and spend thousands of dollars if that was what it took, but there was nothing to be found, not at the gyms, not through the recreation companies, and not even through personal trainers.

I was so obsessed with doing boot camp that I decided to start my own. I built the website, advertising the idea, and begged friends and family to come and work out with me military-style at the park. Most laughed at the idea, and others said, “how in the world are you going to get people to do that kind of thing?” But, my family and a few friends came to the park every day with me to work out. Once I got my first ‘real’ boot camper, Cyntia Martinez, I knew that if there was one person who wanted to workout with us, there would be more. I decided that Boot Camp Las Vegas would provide the equipment, body fat testing, progress tracking, motivation, and the best workouts in the world. All boot-campers would have to do is bring themselves. More and more people joined us, and the boot camp slowly evolved into a revolutionary workout experience.
We have had over 18,000 boot campers, and currently have 99 classes running weekly all around the valley. Our 13 full-time boot camp instructors were chosen out of a pool of hundreds of applicants, and have completed a rigorous training process in which they had to earn their dog-tags with 64 days of boot camp. The training you will receive at boot camp is incomparable. All of our trainers are willing to do the entire workout with you. They are living examples showing you how to reach your fitness goals.

All of the crazy-hard, addictive, different workouts are a product of our imaginations and penchant for pain and pushing our limits. You will never be bored with Boot Camp Las Vegas. This is one experience you don’t want to miss.

***In 2012, we opened the Camp Rhino headquarters on Sunset and Eastern. 10,737 Square ft of Obstacle and Exercise Awesomeness. Camp Rhino is included in Boot Camp Las Vegas memberships.

Las Vegas Boot Camp in Action