This fitness boot camp program is unlike any other

  • It is specifically designed to integrate tough work-outs with the support and motivation of a team
  • The activities are challenging and each day of boot camp is unique.
  • All activities are outdoors and held at local parks
  • Competition is encouraged and trying your best is mandatory.
  • Individual and team work-outs push everyone on their own level.
  • The classes are hard, but everyone tries their best and is expected to perform at their own level
  • We test body fat composition using electrical impedance and tell you exactly how many pounds of fat you have lost and how many pounds of muscle you have gained!
  • Join us and finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals!!!
  • Membership costs as little as $2.50 per class, depending on the number of classes a month. Memberships are paid for month to month. See payment page for more details!

Sign up for the next Session! Sessions last 4 weeks, and multiple sessions are encouraged! Awards are given to participants who come daily and give 100%.

What you can expect by joining a one-month session of Boot Camp Las Vegas:

  • 1-10 pounds of fat loss,
  • 1-3 inch decrease in the midsection,
  • Huge increase in strength and endurance,
  • Greatly improved posture,
  • Enhanced relaxation,
  • Better sleep,
  • More energy, and
  • 100% gain in self-confidence.


After the first session, members go from rank 0 to Rank 1. Rank 2 is achieved when a member has gone an entire 64 days of boot camp and is recognized with military issue dog tags. Rank 3 is achieved after 104 days of boot camp and conquering a difficult fitness test. It is recognized with a rank 3 addition to the dog tags. Ranks 4 and up are also recognized. Many members stay for multiple sessions and have earned their dog tags and ranks, however, everyone begins with just one session, and is encouraged to focus on achieving that first important goal.

Las Vegas Boot Camp in Action