Brent Johnston

Boot Camp Las Vegas Instructor


East Side 5:00 AM


-Brent is absolutely incredible. He totally makes our classes fun and accessible...even for those of us who are out of shape and overweight. I truly wish I hadn't let my fears prevent me from starting the classes sooner -Erica

-Brent Johnston is exceptional. One must bring his or her A-game while attending the East Side class. Brent caught me off guard as class was starting with a simple greeting, “Jon, I heard you may be coming this way, and do not worry I have something special planned just for you. Boot Campers Beware the Combo Harness / Track days your body will be thanking you repeatedly for the next couple of days. - Jon

-I did the eastside class today and the instructor Brent was really good about making sure to give me alternate exercises if the current one was hurting. -Cody

-Shout out to Brent for a fun, but challenging Friday workout! -Debbie