Darryl Ray

Boot Camp Las Vegas Instructor


Southwest Arby and El Capitan 9:30am


"Thanks for kicking my butt Boot Camp! Achieved my goal of 20 pounds in 30 days. Looking to repeat that goal in the next 30." - Justin

"I'm on my second week of Boot Camp and LOVING it. It's hard but so worth the pain. Hoping I can make it happen to keep going another month. Awesome trainers, awesome experience. Thank you!! :)" - Amanda

"Just started boot camp last Thursday and I was scared to start cause I haven't worked out in years and I was also scared that I would not be able to do it, but the people here don't judge you and they do really motivate you to push harder than you have ever pushed before. It has not been long but I am starting to crave the pain cause the pain lets me know that its really working. Thanks boot camp las vegas. Julie and Judie you girls are awesome!!!!" - Alex

"Big Shout Out to Judy Bootcamp Instructor Extraordinaire!!! Judy is awsome!! Kicking our bootcamp butts on a daily basis! Bootcamp Tough!" - Julie

"Thank you BCLV for helping me reach a personal goal! I guess that means it is just time to set another one... I knew I was working hard, but 7% loss in just under 3 months...Boot Camp is the Real Deal. Thank you all again, thank you so much." -Nicholas