Jathan Cox

Boot Camp Las Vegas Instructor


Henderson, 5-6 AM; 6-7 AM


- "Awesome workout at Towers this am! Thanks for pushing us to the limit!!! Hope I can walk tomorrow :)" - Michelle

- "As CRAZY as it was I wanna do it again and go farther next time!!!" - Amber

- "Jathan Cox is informative, innovative, inspirational and able to inflict pain with the best of them. His classes are fast paced and will take a boot camper to his or her limits." - Jon

- "Jathan, thought you should know that I am seriously having trouble walking - so sore. Thanks, I think." -Erin

- "I have been going to the Mountain View class for six months and really enjoy the varied activities and amazing physical results I have gotten. All fitness levels can attend- essentially you are "competing" against yourself and constantly working to improve. There is no pressure or stress if you can't make it through a challenge; if you keep applying yourself you will gradually master the different activities. I dropped 3 pant sizes and 10 pounds from an average, somewhat fit build before." -Anonymously from Google