John Johnston

Boot Camp Las Vegas Instructor


NW 5-6 AM; 6-7 AM


"John's Neanderthal squats on Wednesday are still kicking my butt! If I roll down the stairs at work today, can I call someone from Boot Camp to drag me out to my car? No one else will understand." -Amy

"Today was awesome!!! Another great workout... And how do I know it was great workout you ask??? Cause I puked my guts" - Jose

"Ok, I finished my first 30 day, I have more energy and my clothes are getting loose. Looking forward to my next 30 days! Thank you team for the support and pushing me when I need it. Thanks Centennial Hills team." - Mary

"After 5 weeks of bootcamp... I can finally go up a flight of stairs without being winded. My clothes are sliding off and I have to go shopping. My lungs outlast my ankles when running. I can do so many more things than I ever thought I would be able to. I am SO glad I gave myself this opportunity to work toward being fit and healthy. Anyone thinking of trying bootcamp but too scared? Go for it! If I can do it anyone can!!!" - Kristin

"Thank you to the veteran Northwest 5am group for the encouragement to keep going. This was an especially hard morning." - Wendy

"After completing 4 weeks of boot camp and almost 20 pounds down....Loving it.....thanks John" - Jose
"WE played Ultimate Frisbee and it was a blast!! NOT only was I soaked with sweat, but I had the most fun while working out! I hope to see more of things like that! I would never miss a Friday for that! Way to make running fun!!! Thanks John!!" -Krystal

"I had my first day today. I am 275 lbs and have an old ankle injury that I was concerned about. The instructor was really good about helping me modify the activities that I was unable to do. I couldn't do a lot of the exercises (arms today) but the modifications will help build up muscles so that eventually I will be able to do well. Just be aware of your body and work at the best of your ability, and most of all have fun." - Kristin

"John u rock the centennial am class's and the pm classes! So glad we got to experience ur skills! They live up to ur reputation! U rock! Thanks for the support and keeping me in check!" - Melissa