Richene Plummer

Boot Camp Las Vegas Instructor


Richene teaches whenever she can!


"I've been going to bootcamp for 8 weeks and I am 46lbs down. I love it!" - Megan

"Richene is great. I'm really enjoying my boot camp experience. Today was my 11th class. I haven't missed a day (M-F) since I started. Thank you Richene for keeping it new and challenging every day." -Anonymous

"This is my first week of bootcamp and I am really being pushed past my limits! I could not be more pleased with the intensity of the workouts and the energy of our instructor!" -Anonymous

"I have been in the class for a week, not one workout has been the same. It is interesting, motivating and fun not to mention tough. I missed one day last week, I thought the satisfaction of sleeping in would be rewarding, I was so wrong I felt so unaccomplished all day. when I come to class I do so much before 7:00am that it sets the tone for my whole day." -Anonymous

"I am so glad Richene is back, the class was challenging and fun. We did lots of different moves and she pushed us all the way through to the end." -Anonymous

"Richene, Congrats! Today was my 2nd day of training with you and I already feel great. In all the years i've been working out, i've never crawled up stairs backwards on my hands and feet! Thanks for introducing me to new things!" - Jennifer

"Had my 1st BC ever last night at Cen Hills. Richene kicked our butts......I hurt all over-I think my hair even hurts! Can't wait to do it again tonight--eeek! :)" -Anonymous