A little about Julie

My story as of 7/21/2007

Okay, first read the story I wrote below on 8/21/2006. I was pretty excited because I had lost weight at the boot camp, and was feeling like I was in pretty good shape. I was still in the 140′s, but I looked decent, and wasn’t sure that my body was genetically capable of looking like I wanted it to. Even in high school, I was in the 130′s while running track and cross country.

I stuck with the boot camp, instructing my class and working out every day with them. I still stayed in the 140′s. I broke my ankle (racing motocross), and couldn’t exercise from December through May, although I still instructed on crutches. Then, in May, the most beautiful thing happened. My body finally gave up. It decided that because I was working out so hard, that i DESERVED to have the body I wanted. (At least, that’s what it felt like) It seemed like every time I stepped on the scale, I had lost more weight, and the numbers on the fat tester kept decreasing, telling me it was pure fat I was losing. I wasn’t dieting any more than I ever had. I wasn’t doing anything other than boot camp. I went into the 130′s for the first time since high school, hitting my goal weight of 137.5, thinking, ‘I can hardly believe the numbers on the scale, surely this is as low as I’m going to go.’ I wore a bikini for the first time. Ever. I fit into a size 6. I still didn’t feel 100% happy with my body, but at least it was the same one I had in high school. My friend and I were talking about how we were ‘normal’ looking, but it would be really fun to be ‘cut.’ Then, the numbers on the scale dropped even further, until they reached 118 last week. And my body fat reached 12.9%. And I had to go buy all new clothes. Size 0-2. Whoa. This is incredible. I always thought I was “big-boned.” Guess not. There was a tiny framed girl inside of me. I don’t recognize my face in the mirror. And I really don’t recognize my body. No more cottage cheese. No more dimples. No more rolls. Nothing jiggles when I run. I NEVER thought that I would look like this. When you see after pictures in the magazines, it says ‘results not typical.’ Well, I’m not the only one at Boot Camp Las Vegas who has gotten their dream body. Ask Curt, James, Kristine, Jeff, Ben, Judy, and others about their success.

Look at the before picture of me. It was very hard for me to post it, because that’s not me anymore. I feel sorry for the girl in the picture, because I know how she feels. I was actually in shape, running a lot just like I did in high school. I had completed a marathon in 4 hours. But I just couldn’t seem to lose the weight. When I started Boot Camp Las Vegas, it transformed my body, my life, my relationships. It rocked my world. If you are discouraged with the whole ‘losing weight/getting that dream body’ thing, please try Boot Camp. And stick with it. You owe it to yourself to be happy with yourself. Quit spending every minute thinking about losing weight, and just go do it. If you give it enough time, I have NO doubt in my mind that you can reach your goals. I did.

And, if you ever want to call me and ask me any questions, feel free. (702) 767-8797. I will still be at my goal weight, because I am a Boot Camper for LIFE.

Date 2005 3/3/06 NOW Net Loss/Gain
Weight ???
(See Before image
Approximately 180 lbs.)
160 lbs 118 lbs -42 lbs
Body Fat % ? 38% 12.9% -25.1%

My Story From 1/2/2004 to 8/21/2006

I started out at 38% body fat with Boot Camp Las Vegas’ Lewis Park Location. After 5 months there, 1 1/2 monthsoff, and 1 month at the new Henderson location, I am now at 23.9% body fat. (I lost 3% in just the last month)


I think my favorite part about Boot Camp is the challenges, both team and individual. Competing gives you that extra push that is needed to improve. I also love how that I can get quality sleep, have so much energy, and fit in a size 7/8. (working on size six) It seems like everyday I look at myself and see something else that has changed for the better, whether it’s a flatter stomach, more defined muscles, or less arm fat.

One other thing that I have also noticed is some of my aches and pains that I have had in the past (wrist pain/weakness, knee problems) have actually completely gone away. The boot camp-style regimen works out every muscle, including the ones that surround my previous injuries, strengthening the muscles around the weak joints. Gym exercises are way too isolated, and it is too easy to leave out important muscles.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest problem is dieting. I hate it and haven’t tried it since I started the Boot Camp. However, I am happy to say that I am able to slowly lose without strict dieting. If I would have tried both together, I know that I would have improved much quicker.

I do have a few rules that I eat by. Everything else is fair game, including carbs.
1) No Fried Foods
2) No Soda
3) No Ice Cream
4) Breakfast – biggest meal, Lunch – smaller meal, Dinner smallest meal

A better idea: follow the dietary guidelines provided by Boot Camp Las Vegas in the registration packet.

Why I Need Boot Camp Las Vegas

I took a week off this month, and I felt my endurance and energy decrease significantly. Working out in the morning improves my energy and my mood all day! I am so glad that I have started again and hope that you can come out and enjoy the work-out like I do!

Fitness Test Results
Date Push-Ups (2 mins)
Correct/Military Style
Crunches (2 mins) Chin-Ups 1 Mile Run
8/21/2006 36 104 0 7:50
10/1/2006 66 136 2 6:59
10/16/2007 98 136 10 5:49
Julie before Boot Camp Las Vegas
"That's not me anymore. I feel sorry for the girl in the picture, because I know how she feels."
Julie after Boot Camp Las Vegas
"When you see after pictures in the magazines, it says 'results not typical.' Well, I'm not the only one at Boot Camp Las Vegas who has gotten their dream body. Ask Curt, James, Kristine, Jeff, Ben, Judy, and others about their success."
Julie after Boot Camp