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Buy 6 Months of Boot Camp, Save 20% $150/month $125/month for 6 months
Buy 12 Months of Boot Camp, Save 33% $150/month $99/month for 12 months
6 Months or 1 Year

Weekly Boot Camp Membership

$39 per week unlimited Boot Camp classes, cancellable at any time!

Monthly Boot Camp Membership

$150 per month unlimited Boot Camp classes, cancellable at any time!

Monthly "Buddy" Subscription

$250 per month unlimited Boot Camp classes for 2 people, cancellable at any time!

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10 Day Pass / 20 Day Pass Boot Camp Packages

  • Pay for 10 or 20 classes at a time. (not valid for extreme class)
  • Cash and Checks on location are accepted. No Refunds
  • Payment must be received on or before start date.
  • Spot is not saved until payment is received.
  • Credits are given for classes not used, credits never expire.
  • You may hop around to any class, anytime. We like to know where you are going to start your first day, but after that, you may visit multiple classes.
  • You may "double-up" and do two classes in one day for no extra charge. Your payment is per day.
  • Can't wait to see you guys out there!
10 or 20 Day Pass

Drop In

  • Pay for one class at a time
  • If you are a new boot camper register here before you go to your first class.
  • Good for one Boot Camp class.

6-Week Rhino Weight-Loss Challenge

$300, However, if you come to your workout classes, meet with Julie Johnston every week, and follow the customized nutrition program without cheating, you get the entire program for FREE (We give you back your $300).


Your registration will be confirmed only after receipt of payment. Space is limited, so please submit your payment immediately.

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The following applies to all MEMBERSHIP and SUBSCRIPTION packages:

  • No registration fee for new members
  • 99 classes available/week
  • Any class, any time, but no refunds are given
  • You may cancel your monthly/weekly SUBSCRIPTIONS anytime through PayPal
  • No contract or obligation
  • Payments are taken out automatically every week or month, unless you cancel your subscription through PayPal.

Subscription payments are re-occuring every week/month for the weekly and monthly options.

If you cannot cancel through PayPal, you MUST email to cancel your subscription so we have a record of the request.