I was out there this past Friday (10/27 @ Henderson location) and WOW, what a brilliant workout it is! Truthfully it was the hardest hour of training I have ever experienced. Did it hurt, oh lord yes! But it felt so wonderful each time I hit the summit and finally at the end of the hour. The pain and exertion was well worth it.

The most important thing I would like to stress is that anyone can do it. You may think it is too hard a workout for you but you are so WRONG! Everyone in our class was making that long journey multiple times and everyone was getting the toughest workout they’ve ever had.

Bottom line. Get out there to Henderson for a Towers day, you will not regret it and you will walk away with an unfathomable sense of accomplishment.

-Chandler Chao

I started working out at a gym over two years ago following an illness that left me with absolutely no muscle tone or strengh. I was starting to get very bored at the gym and losing interest AND THEN I FOUND BOOTCAMP! I am excited again about exercise and feeling better then ever! I have met the greatest people and have so much fun. LOVE EVERY MINUTE! Love going to class and love teaching the class!

-Sassy Steph

i love boot camp i love boot camp!

-Eryn K

OMG!! I love Boot Camp!! I remember my first time I did it. It was on my 40th Bday Dec 4th last year. I recall my body fat was over 34 %. I could not run a mile to save my life or a bear crawl. I was cruising into my 40’s with a 40 year old body! I made that commitment to myself and my family I was going to do what ever it took to regain my fit healthy body. Well all that has changed because of Boot Camp. I now am about 19% body fat and I can run 7.20 mile. My fastest was 7.05! I loved it so much that I now train other boot campers.

Boot Camp is not a one time thing; it is life changing if you stick to it!!!

-Crazy Krissy

Since I started in February lots of things have changed in my life beside the ability to climb mountains. I’ve finally found an exercise routine that I look forward to, that I’m sticking to, and that I’m totally addicted to. Bootcamp has pushed me beyond every limit and continues to do so.My body feels differently now that I’ve developed stronger muscles. I can actually feel them giving me more with every work out. My mile time is dropping every time, I have lots more stamina through out all the workouts and I finally placed in an extreme challenge!! Seven full months down and many, many more to come. In fact I don’t even want to imagine my life without bootcamp. It’s a part of who I am now and I love it!! Julie, thank you for developing this awesome program that has changed my life.

-Tammy Stevens

I am in the beginning of my sixth week (three days a week) and while it has been challenging, it has also been very rewarding. Yes, I have been sore(ok, really sore at times), but that is the price I have to pay for neglect. Yes, I have been intimidated (towers the first day, run a 5K?!?!) but I know that the next time around I will do better.

I looked at this site for a year before I finally worked up the courage to go out there and run around like a crazy person in the park in the morning. You will quickly find that just the mere act of participating makes you stronger physically (yes, I can try to do 100 reps), mentally (another lap around the park – well, sure) and gives you a bit of swagger (what did you do with your morning/evening?).

It took me years of inertia to get where I am (a body at rest tends to stay at rest). I am far from being the “best” in the class in terms of strength or endurance, but every time I go, I know that I get better, even if it is just 1/4 of a pushup more.

Hang in there fellow newbies! We can do it!!!


You have been SUPER encouraging from the start. I feel myself getting much stronger and I promise you that I will keep at it until I return to Boot Camp. This has been a truly rewarding experience and I am looking forward to returning albeit 3x/week. However, if I see myself slacking off I’ll be there 5x/week even if I have to double up! So, with that said…I don’t think I’ll be doing much slacking! One day I WILL make it up that mountain and end at the TOWERS and do sprints just to cool down….HAHA! Slowly…but I’ll get there…Thank you for everything you do and pushing me to beyond my known limits…YOU ARE AWESOME…See you in a few weeks!


“I just wanted to take the opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to everyone that has been sooooo supportive of me! I am in in my last week of my first month and I can’t believe I made it through. But, there is NO WAY I would of made it without the incredible support of the trainers and the other boot campers. Never in my life have I found the kind of support and encouragement that I find in everyone I’ve had class with. I LOVE YOU GUYS, because you guys have been AWESOME and even though it’s super brutal….I LOVE BOOT CAMP!


9:30 am Mission Hills but I also have to give a shout out to the 6 pm and Friday 6:30 pm at Sierra Vista High School where I originally started. and of course Michael @ Optivita!”

-Kim Klausner
Las Vegas Boot Camp in Action