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Zappos Employee Discount


Your registration will be confirmed only after receipt of payment. Space is limited, so please submit your payment immediately.

If you haven’t already, make sure to reserve the class you want by filling out this registration page (click here). Just skip the standard payment page and use this one.

The following applies to all MEMBERSHIP and SUBSCRIPTION packages:

  • No registration fee for new members
  • 99 classes available/week
  • Includes Camp Rhino!
  • As little as $3 per class for two classes a day
  • Any class, any time, but no refunds are given
  • Can cancel monthly/weekly SUBSCRIPTIONS anytime
  • No contract or obligation
  • Payments are taken out automatically every week or month, unless subscription is cancelled at least two days prior to the next deduction.

Subscription payments
are re-occuring every week/month
for the weekly
and monthly options.

Email to cancel your subscription.

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