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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I have old injuries? Don't worry, we've got you! In each class we start with the warmup, and then the coach starts the workout. Anytime you need an alternate we are happy to provide one. Most of our bootcampers have something or other that keeps them from doing the normal exercises :)
  • What if I am a beginner? How exciting! We can't WAIT to show you how good you can feel, inside and out! Our #1 goal is for you to have fun working out and push yourself to new, safe limits. It's going to be a challenge, but as long as you let your coach know when you have questions or need alternates you will do just fine. We make sure everyone at each Boot Camp Las Vegas class is welcoming and encouraging so you don't have to worry that anyone is going to be judging you or anything like that.
  • How is this different from boot camp in the gym? This is the workout without walls! The workout where you commune with nature! But besides that, the main difference are the fun things we get to do because we are usually the only ones at the park at 5am. We get to run around like kids, having a great time, without worrying about other gym-goers judging us or using our equipment (LOL). Although, if you go to our sister gym, Camp Rhino, we could also say the same thing there LOL. But it's not like normal gyms.
  • How much is it? Our membership is $159 per month. No contract. 

Check out our Camp Rhino and Rhino Ninja Indoor options :)

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